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Designworks Ethical Sourcing Policy


Designworks prides itself on being at the forefront of social and ethical compliance. We take great comfort in the knowledge that the auditing process has assisted factories in establishing the ethical and quality systems required to produce a product of high standards.


Designworks is committed to maintaining the highest standard of legal, moral and ethical values and this is critical to our ongoing success. Our ESC includes minimum requirements and expectations that all factories and authorized subcontractors must comply with as a condition of doing business with Designworks. All of these regulations are met and monitored during auditing and inspections.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and clarification and to help identify what workplace practices and working conditions are acceptable. Please note that it does not replace the local laws of each country where factories operate.


At a minimum we expect all our factories should always be familiar with and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.



We expect our facilities to share our high standards and follow the standards set out in this policy with regards to issues such as worker health and safety, fair pay, employment and environment conditions crucial to the industry.


Under age labor

No person shall be employed to work in any part of the facility under the age as stipulated by the local/ regional legal laws.


Business Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Honesty, fair dealing and the proper treatment of workers is required at all times. Bribes, favors, gifts, benefits, facilitation payments, secret commission or similar unlawful or improper payments, in cash or kind, direct or indirectly, whether given to obtain business or otherwise are strictly prohibited.


Labor rights

Employment is freely chosen and worker is free to leave after reasonable notice. The use of forced, bonded or involuntary prison labor is strictly prohibited.



All conditions of employment must be based on an individual’s ability to do the job, not on the basis of personal characteristics, such as age, race, color, nationality, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, maternity status, disability or political beliefs. Suppliers must ensure that they provide an environment where their employees can work without distress or interference caused by harassment, discrimination or any other inappropriate workplace behavior.


Harassment and abuse

Physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation is prohibited. Workers shall be treated with dignity and respect. In particular, suppliers will provide a workplace free from harassment of any form including physical, sexual, verbal or visual behavior that creates an offensive, hostile, or intimidating environment.


Freedom of association

To the extent the local laws permit, suppliers must respect the right of their workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining. This includes the right to form and join trade unions or other worker associations of their own choosing without harassment, interference or retaliation.


Working conditions

Conditions in all workplace environment and facilities must be safe, clean and consistent with all applicable local laws and regulations and/or industry best practices, in order to avoid preventable work related accidents and injuries.


Wages, work hours, benefits and employment contracts

Supplier must comply with all laws regulating local wages, overtime compensation, and legally mandated benefits. We expect that all record keeping will be accurate and transparent at all times. In line with international labour standards, and subject to any applicable national law which may impose higher standards:

• Working hours, excluding overtime, shall be defined by contract and must not exceed 48 hours per week;

• Working hours must not exceed 60 hours and workers must be provided with at least one day off, in every seven day working period, other than in exceptional circumstances where it is allowed by national law and satisfies other safeguards under international labour standards;

• Overtime must be voluntary and not be used to replace regular employment;

• Overtime must be compensated at a premium rate which is recommended to be no less than 125% of the regular rate of pay.



Subcontracting is not permitted by Designworks unless previously approved by Designworks.


Consumer and environmental protection

Supplier must take all responsible steps to ensure goods produced are safe and not harmful to consumers. Suppliers, as a minimum, will meet all relevant local and national environmental protection laws, and will strive to comply with international environment protection standards such as ISO 14000 - Environmental Management. The use of banned raw materials such as and not limited to, Uzbekistan cotton and AZO dyes are prohibited.


Code of conduct

Suppliers must demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and have a close affinity with our business ethics and must agree to implement and integrate our ethical code as daily practice. Brand and customer confidentiality and integrity are to be upheld with best business practice.


Environment & Animal Welfare:

Given our commitment to constantly improve conditions for our team members and the environment as a whole, Designworks does not use angora, fur (fake/faux fur omitted) or mulesed wool at point of manufacture for our exclusive brands.


To monitor this, in addition to regular auditing by a Designworks team, we have strict policies enforced at factory level. All signatories to the Designworks chain of manufacture must commit to these policies before business will commence.


In addition, Designworks ensures that leather sourced for manufacture is done so in line with worlds best practice standards.


These standards are subject to regular auditing and we work concurrently towards continuous improvement to the environment in which our supplies operate.


Designworks is part of The PAS Group Limited which is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, a scheme established by the Federal Government in conjunction with the governments of the states and territories for the reduction of packaging waste and the promotion of increased use of recycling materials.