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Our Process

Design Office


Our Melbourne office boasts an industry best practice design and product development hub. Some of the most creative and skilled designers and technicians in Australia have been recruited to work for Designworks.


Our team is highly skilled in:

• Brand development

• Graphic design

• Garment design

• Garment construction

• Fashion intelligence

• Trend forecasting

• Pattern making

• Quality control



Designworks uses only certified manufacturers across the world that provide fair and safe work practices for team members.


Designworks regularly audits its suppliers to ensure they retain ethical and material standards.


Designworks manages multiple warehouse and delivery networks across Australia and the world using internal tracking programs to communicate product and delivery status. Our core capabilities and strengths include flexible and efficient logistics and a strong customer focus.

Quality Control


As Designworks grows, so too does its need to be ahead of the pack when it comes to logistics.


Designworks is an industry leader across distribution, sorting and quality checking facilities in Australia.


Designworks wants to ensure that product compliance occurs in China. The aim is to have all stock assessed before its is delivered to the freight forwarders. As a result the Shanghai Quality Control Hub was established.


As a result the Shanghai Quality Control Hub was established to handle:

• Quality inspections

• Manufactured stock consolidation

• Logistic flexibility to meet individual customer needs

• Carton “ship Ready” inspections