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The Bangladesh Accord

To further demonstrate our commitment to ensuring safe & healthy working conditions for our partners in Bangladesh, Designworks has become an Accord agreement signatory.


“The Bangladesh Accord Foundation” is responsible for:


• Establishing a building standard for structural, fire and electrical safety in garment factories

• Conducting structural, fire and electrical inspections of all factories covered by the Accord

• Advising and monitoring signatories and factories on remediation plans and progress

• Conducting follow up inspections and verifying remediation

• Conducting worker training and establishing health and safety committees

• Establishing a workers complaint mechanism and handling safety complaints


The Accord Agreement consists of six key components:

1. A five year legally binding agreement between brands and trade unions to ensure a safe working environment in the Bangladeshi RMG industry

2. An independent inspection program supported by brands in which workers and trade unions are involved

3. Public disclosure of all factories, inspection reports and corrective action plans (CAP)

4. A commitment by signatory brands to ensure sufficient funds are available for remediation and to maintain sourcing relationships

5. Democratically elected health and safety committees in all factories to identify and act on health and safety risks

6. Worker empowerment through an extensive training program, complaints mechanism and right to refuse  unsafe work.


International signatories include C&A, H&M, Primark, Tesco and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Current Australian Signatories include Cotton on Group, Forever New, K-Mart Australia, Pacific Brands, Pretty Girl Fashion Group Pty, Specialty Fashions Australia, Target Australia, Woolworths Australia


We are proud of this achievement, passionate about what it stands for and we look forward to long term and sustained growth with our Bangladeshi partners.